Our Response to COVID-19

As the COVID pandemic impacts people’s lives in so many ways, inelectra is working to ensure that we continue providing our services while preserving our employees and their families’ health. We are strictly following the World Health Organization’s recommendations as well as the guidelines established by our national Government.

We have developed the necessary procedures to remain active during this period. We have provided our employees with resources and updates on the latest guidelines from health authorities. They have been working from home, on our project’s critical activities and our leadership team has been monitoring each of their processes and responsibilities, both in project execution and support.

At inelectra we are focused in helping our clients successfully achieve each of their projects. We will continue to provide our services with the same quality, but adapted to the current situation.

We are experiencing an unprecedented and difficult situation that is testing us all. In the 51 years of inelectra we have overcome complex situations and have always emerged stronger. This case will not be different, because we have a great team.