Our sustainability strategy is leveraged on four

Sustainable Development Goals



The health of our employees is our prime objective. We provide in-company primary health care and safety training as the best form of prevention. We have achieved world-class safety records in our EPC contracts.

We maintain constant exchange activities with several universities in Venezuela. We provide them with feedback to adapt their curricula to current industry needs.

We have committed to design power generation facilities only using natural gas. We executed the largest solar project developed in Venezuela.

We have participated in over 50 major EPC projects with significant impact on the well-being of their communities.

Commitment to Our Clients

We work with absolute quality, taking the environment and all safety issues into consideration, and under the highest standards, seeking to fully satisfy our clients. Our compliance and the trust we have from our customers are our best asset.

Commitment to Our Employees

Our main incentive is developing the energy industry. To do so, we invest time and effort to support our talent by strengthening their capacities and being proficient in using the latest tools, ensuring world class results.

For generations, inelectra has been a benchmark for engineering. We have career plans intended to foster growth within the organization and are committed to the professional development of our employees.

Commitment to communities

Our company is highly committed to the communities where we operate. We believe in the transfer of knowledge and the role we play in front of students at universities who are seeking to become professionals in the energy world.

At inelectra we work with several universities and support programs intended to strengthen engineering related sciences by sharing experiences, and also providing motivation for future professionals, seeking to learn and contribute with their knowledge.

Commitment to the Environment

At inelectra we are fully aware of the fact that progress and wellbeing of societies and countries as a whole is not possible at the expense of environmental health and the capacity to provide critical services for development, such as energy, water, soil and air.

This commitment is implemented through an Environmental Management System, integrated into inelectra’s Health, Safety and Environment Policy, which involves all employees and contractors. Our respect for the environment goes beyond a mere compliance with the legislation, which is carried out with the best available practices for environmental characterization and impact assessment.

For us, the preservation of the environment is one of our values, and therefore is promoted by coaching our employees through specific training programs. This is evidenced in our performance.