Project Description

Oil and Gas

Petromonagas Upgrader Debottlenecking

CUSTOMER: Petromonagas
YEAR: 2015
LOCATION: State of Anzoátegui, Venezuela

Detailed engineering to extend treatment facilities for crude oil and the associated produced water.

El Chaure Refinery Steam Generation System Retrofitting

YEAR: 2012
LOCATION: State of Anzoátegui, Venezuela

Engineering and construction management for installing new boilers.

Rabigh Refinery

CUSTOMER: Técnicas Reunidas S.A. / ARAMCO Overseas Company BV and Sumitomo Chemical Co. Ltd.
YEAR: 2007
LOCATION: Rabigh, Arabia Saudita

Detailed engineering for the Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU), Hydrogen Production Unit (HPU) and the Vacuum Distillation Unit (VDU) at the new refinery and their interconnection with current facilities.

Dung Quat Refinery

CUSTOMER: Técnicas Reunidas / PetroVietnam
YEAR: 2007
LOCATION: Provincia de Quang Ngai, Vietnam

Technical assistance and detailed engineering for building a 148,000 BPD capacity Oil Distillation Unit, a Kerosene Treatment Unit and a Fuel Gas Unit.

Lemont & Corpus Christi Refineries ULSD Compliance

CUSTOMER: CITGO Refining & Chemicals Co. L.P.
YEAR: 2009
LOCATION: States of Illinois & Texas, United States of America

Engineering, procurement assistance and construction management for refinery expansion works; including two hydro treatment units for meeting minimum sulfur content specifications in diesel fuel set at 15 ppm or less.

Petrolera Sinovensa Extension Projects

CUSTOMER: PDVSA Ingeniería y Construcción
YEAR: 2014
LOCATION: Morichal, Venezuela

Visualization, conceptual and basic engineering for increasing extra-heavy crude oil production and management from 165,000 BD up to 330,000 BD.

Petrocarabobo Surface Facilities

CUSTOMER: Petrocarabobo
YEAR: 2013
LOCATION: Orinoco OIl Belt, Venezuela

Basic engineering for surface facilities.

Crude Oil Treatment Plant

CUSTOMER: Schlumberger
YEAR: 2015
LOCATION: Morichal, Venezuela

Basic and detailed engineering for a crude processing facility adjacent to the Petromonagas Operational Center (COPEM).

Petrocedeño Main Station Retrofitting

CUSTOMER: Petrocedeño, PDVSA,Total y Equinor
YEAR: 2010
LOCATION: Orinoco Oil Belt, Venezuela

Detailed engineering for expansion of treatment facilities for crude oil and the associated water coming from production clusters at the Orinoco Oil Belt.

Module for 40 MBD early production at DD Plant

CUSTOMER: Petrolera Sinovensa
YEAR: 2013
LOCATION: Morichal, Venezuela
Project management for works related to a 40,000 MBD Early Production Module.

Petroindependencia Surface Facilities

CUSTOMER: Petroindependencia
YEAR: 2013
LOCATION: Orinoco Oil Belt, Venezuela

Basic engineering for surface facilities and Class II and III cost estimates.

Petrolera Sinovensa Extension

CUSTOMER: Petrolera Sinovensa
YEAR: 2013
LOCATION: Morichal y Jose, Venezuela

Project Management Consultant (PMC) for Petrolera Sinovensa expansion EPC project intended to increase capacity up to 165,000 BD.

Shipping Capacity Increase at Jose Storage and Shipping Terminal

YEAR: 2011
LOCATION: Jose and Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela

Exporting capacity increase at Jose Storage and Shipping Terminal (TAEJ) and Jose Operations Terminal (TOJ), including setting a new pumping system between both terminals as well as an interconnection with the current system and the new monobuoy.

Fuel Terminal for SemMaterials Mexico S.A. de C.V.

CUSTOMER: SemMaterials Mexico S.A. de C.V., a SemGroup Corporation affiliate
YEAR: 2015
LOCATION: Puerto Progreso, México

Advanced conceptual engineering for a storage tanks yard and a fuel distribution terminal.

Rio Grande Drive Point Lisas Facilities Assessment

CUSTOMER: Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited (PPGPL)
YEAR: 2016
LOCATION: Couva, Trinidad & Tobago

Assess facilities for importing high quality products; including checking and retrofitting all port facilities to receive vessels with capacity for carrying 130,000 barrels of refrigerated propane/ butane.

Jose Upgraded Crude Oil Shipping System, PDVSA Petróleo

CUSTOMER: Petrocedeño
YEAR: 2011
LOCATION: Jose, Venezuela

Basic and detailed engineering for the crude oil exporting line from Petropiar, Petromonagas, Petrocedeño and Petrolera Sinovensa, through the monobuoy, intended to optimize operations.

General en Jefe Jose Francisco Bermudez Northeastern Gas Pipeline

YEAR: 2007
LOCATION: State of Anzoategui, Venezuela

This project performed by the Barbacoa-Margarita Consortium, led by inelectra, included construction management for a 214 km long gas pipeline, with a maximum 1,200 PSI operating pressure, between Barbacoa in Anzoategui and Margarita Island, for providing the eastern Venezuelan region with a natural gas transport and supply system.

Offshore Development for Loran-Manatee Gas Field

YEAR: 2012
LOCATION: Between Venezuela and Trinidad & Tobago

General Engineering Support Contract for Phase 2 (pre-FEED) and Phase 3 (FEED).

Offshore Facilities for Deltana Platform and Manatee Fields

YEAR: 2007
LOCATION: Delta Amacuro, Venezuela – Beachfield, Trinidad & Tobago

Assessment of potential alternatives for the platform type, deck equipment, and subsea gas pipelines Güiria in Venezuela and Beachfield in Trinidad; study for defining the compression scheme and preselecting main equipment units.

Engineering for Offshore Facilities and Platforms

CUSTOMER: Shell de Venezuela S.A. / Petroregional del Lago (PERLA)
YEAR: 1988
LOCATION: Maracaibo Lake, Venezuela

Basic and detailed engineering, technical assistance and studies for operations and maintenance projects related to the Urdaneta West field production facilities.

HA-ZAAP-C & HA-KU-H Living Quarter Platforms

CUSTOMER: PEMEX Exploración y Producción (PEP)
YEAR: 2007
LOCATION: Campeche Bay, Mexico

EPC for two living quarter platforms with capacity for 220 people each.

GLP- Compression Plant Extension for Exporting Gas to Colombia.

YEAR: 2015
LOCATION: Eastern coast of Maracaibo Lake, Venezuela.

Setup and commissioning for two turbo-compressors and their ancillary equipment, as well as the infrastructure and services required for subsequently installing two additional units.

Lakach Field Gas Collection Station

YEAR: 2016
LOCATION: Lakach Field and Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Development of detailed engineering and studies for the Lakach ERG Project.

Yucal Placer Phase 300 Ypergas Guarico

CUSTOMER: Doris Engineering S.A
YEAR: 2012
LOCATION: Campo Yucal Placer, Venezuela.

Design for CPF2 and five clusters intended to yield 300 million SCFD gas.

Engineering for the North Field Gas Compression Plant

CUSTOMER: TOSL Engineering Ltd. / Petrotrin-Trinmar
YEAR: 2008
LOCATION: Campo Norte, Trinidad & Tobago

Pipeline interconnection and civil platforms for the gas compression plant at natural gas CP#4 North Field.

Gas Conditioning Plant Extension (ACOGAS)

YEAR: 1997
LOCATION: Jusepín, Venezuela.

EPC Lump Sum
“Project of the Year” by the Project Management Institute (PMI). Gas processing capacity increase from 250 million CFD up to 350 million CFT for raising Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) production from 12,000 BD up to 35,000 BD.

Feasibility study for a block development in the Orinoco Oil Belt

CUSTOMER: Confidential
YEAR: 2014
LOCATION: Orinoco Oil Belt, Venezuela
Conceptual engineering for field facilities and their integration to upgrading units to yield 200 MBPD.