Project Description

Oil and Gas

Talara Refinery WSA & ASC Units

Client: PetroPerú
Year: 2019
Location: Refinería Talara, Perú

Detailed engineering for a sulfuric acid plant at PetroPeru Talara Refinery. For PetroPeru, this plant is a significant link in the project value chain.

Petromonagas Upgrader Debottlenecking

Client: Petromonagas
Year: 2015
Location: Estado Anzoátegui, Venezuela

EPC expansion of upgrader’s facilities

Rabigh Refinery

Client: Técnicas Reunidas S.A. and Sumitomo Chemical Co. Ltd.
Year: 2007
Location: Rabigh, Saudi Arabia

Detailed engineering for the Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU), Hydrogen Production Unit (HPU) and the Vacuum Distillation Unit (VDU) at the new refinery and their interconnection with current facilities.

Dung Quat Refinery

Client: Técnicas Reunidas / PetroVietnam
Year: 2007
Location: Quang Ngai Province, Vietnam

Technical assistance and detailed engineering for building a 148,000 BPD capacity Oil Distillation Unit, a Kerosene Treatment Unit and a Fuel Gas Unit

CILP Flare Gas Recovery

Client: Repsol
Year: 2007
Location: La Plata, Argentina

Reduction of gas emissions from the refinery.

Debottlenecking of the Unit I Topping San Lorenzo

Cliente: Petrobras
Año: 2006
Ubicación: Santa Fe, Argentina

EPC – for the modification of the Topping I unit for the San Lorenzo Refinery.

Upstream facilities

Client: AstraZeidan, Moil
Year: 2022
Location: Tsimiroro,  Madagascar

Detailed engineering for the development of the Tsimiroro field to increase production through steam flooding (SPF) and the implementation of 90 wells.

Petroindependencia Surface Facilities

Client: Petroindependencia, PDVSA, Chevron
Year: 2013
Location: Orinoco Oil Belt, Venezuela

Basic engineering for surface facilities and cost estimates.

Petrolera Sinovensa Extension

Client: Petrolera Sinovensa, PDVSA, CNPC
Year: 2013
Location: Morichal and Jose, Venezuela

EPCM – Project Management Consultant (PMC) for Petrolera Sinovensa expansion EPC project intended to increase capacity up to 165,000 BD

Engineering crude oil treatment plant – Petromonagas

Client: Schlumberger
Year: 2010
Location: Orinoco oil belt, Venezuela

Basic engineering for a crude processing facility to treat 38 MBD of extra-heavy crude oil of 8.6 °api.

LPG tank & BOP Study

Client: McDermott
Final Client : Polaris/Triton Energy
Year: 2022-2023 
Location: St. Croix (Virgin Islands)

Technical evaluation to verify the operation of the Storage Terminal of the Saint Croix refinery under new service conditions.

Balance of Plant Engineering for  LPG Storage Expansion

Client: McDermott
Final Client: Refidomsa 
Year: 2022-2023
Location: Domincan Republic

Engineering for the Expansion of the Haina Hydrocarbons Terminal to increase the storage capacity of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

Improve fluid handling capacity from the SMS field to the Josie treatment plant

Client: Staatsolie
Year: 2022-2023
Location: Suriname

Perform the technical and economic evaluation of the feasible concepts proposed for the Solution Study of the project:” Improve fluid handling capacity from the SMS field to the Josie treatment plant” based on the evaluation of technical and economic factors of each option.

Engineering for fuel terminal

Client: McDermott
Year: 2019
Location: Tuxpan, México

Detailed engineering of a storage and dispatch terminal in Tuxpan, owned by Monterra Energy. The Tuxpan International Fuel Terminal (TIFT) is a clean fuel terminal that will store 2.2 million barrels of regular and premium gasoline.

Interconnection of Pemex pipelines to Terminal de Fluidos Progreso

Client: Hidrosur
Year: 2019
Location: México

Engineering for the interconnection of Pemex pipelines to Terminal de Fluidos Progreso

Offshore Development for Loran-Manatee Gas Field

Client: Chevron
Year: 2012
Location: Between Venezuela and Trinidad & Tobago

General Engineering Support Contract for Phase 2 (pre-FEED) and Phase 3 (FEED)

Offshore Facilities for Deltana Platform and Manatee Fields

Client: Chevron
Year: 2007
Location: Delta Amacuro, Venezuela – Beachfield, Trinidad & Tobago

Assessment of potential alternatives for the platform type, deck equipment, and subsea gas pipelines   Güiria in Venezuela and Beachfield in Trinidad; study for defining the compression scheme and preselecting main equipment units.

HA-ZAAP-C & HA-KU-H Living Quarter Platforms

Client: PEMEX Exploración y Producción (PEP)
Year: 2007
Location: Campeche Bay, Mexico

EPC for two living quarter platforms with capacity for 220 people each.

Natural Gas Export Pipeline from Venezuela to Trinidad and Tobago

Client: Confidential
Year: 2023
Location: Venezuela

Conceptual study of a gas pipeline to Trinidad and Tobago. The scope covers the facilities for the reception, handling and delivery of gas.

Lakach Field Gas Collection Station

Client: Pemex
Year: 2016
Location: Lakach Field and Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Detailed engineering and studies for the Lakach ERG Project

Yucal Place Phase 300 Ypergas Guarico  

Client: Doris Engineering S.A
Year: 2012
Location: Yucal Placer Field, Venezuela

Design for CPF2 and five clusters intended for 300 million SCFD gas

Gas Conditioning Plant Extension (ACOGAS)

Client: PDVSA
Year: 1997
Location: Jusepín, Venezuela.

EPC Lump Sum-Turnkey

“Project of the Year” by the Project Management Institute (PMI). Gas processing capacity increase from 250 million CFD up to 350 million CFT for raising Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) production from 12,000 BD up to 35,000 BD

Feasibility study for a block the development

Client: Confidencial
Year: 2014
Location: Orinoco Oil Belt, Venezuela

Conceptual engineering for field facilities and their integration to upgrading units to yield 200 MBPD.