Project Description

Infrastructure & Industry

Agro-industrial Complex for Sugar Cane Byproducts

YEAR: 2011
LOCATION: Portuguesa State, Venezuela

Construction works for an agro-industrial complex comprising a juice plant for milling 10,600 MT sugar cane/ day, a distillation plant for yielding 700,000 l/day dehydrated methanol, and a Torula plant for yielding 100 TM/day of vinasse.

Puerto Cabello – La Encrucijada Railroad

CUSTOMER: Instituto Autónomo de Ferrocarriles del Estado (IAFE)
YEAR: 2002
LOCATION: Puerto Cabello – La Encrucijada, Venezuela

Second phase of the railroad system for the central region that will connect the valleys of Aragua and Puerto Cabello through a 108.9 km railway. It is intended to carry 23 million passengers and 11.3 million ton goods per annum.

Architecture and Engineering for the new CAF Headquarters

CUSTOMER: Corporación Andina de Fomento (CAF) Development Bank of Latin America
YEAR: 2016
LOCATION: Caracas, Venezuela.

Integral architecture and engineering management for the new CAF headquarters.

Caracas Metro Lines 1, 2 and 3

CUSTOMER: C.A. Metro de Caracas
YEAR: 1978
LOCATION: Caracas, Venezuela

Integral management, design and inspection works.

Siderúrgica Nacional, Venezuela

CUSTOMER: Constructora Andrade Gutierres S.A.
YEAR: 2010
LOCATION: Bolivar State, Venezuela

This project included designing foundations for all industrial service buildings and basic infrastructure for an iron and steel mill; as well as developing a system for carrying briquettes from the train unloading area up to the briquette silos.

Sugar Mill Retrofitting

YEAR: 2013
LOCATION: Guanare Sugar Mill, Venezuela

Engineering and construction works management to enhance and increase capacity for Rio Guanare Sugar Mill.