We are an
engineering and construction company
focused on developing large scale projects intended to significantly benefit
the future of those communities where we operate.

We believe in what we do.
We are talent and energy.
With science, technique and management we create, plan, and build infrastructure for power and energy generation, distribution, and storage. We are focused on achieving results and benefits for our society.


In inelectra
our inherent element
is energy


Our priority is to walk hand in hand with our customers throughout the entire project

We are one of the top engineering companies within the region.

Customer satisfaction gives us our sense of purpose.

We undertake the challenge of controlling and reducing risks, beyond standards and indicators.

We are committed to the environment and to protect the life and wellbeing of those part of inelectra.

We hold ourselves  accountable for our actions and results.

We explain our financial operations and management in an open and fully transparent way.

We strictly adhere to the legal framework and comply with the laws of each country where we operate.


At inelectra we are committed to the professional development of our employees. Engineering fileds progress so fast that our teams must be up to date  with the latest sciences and techniques.

We have a comprehensive approach to our training processes. Through our e-learning platform and our workshops, we provide our employees with innovative tools in engineering, as well as techniques and developments related to Health, Safety and Environment, while also fostering their growth in other aspects like emotional intelligence.


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We work under an unquestionable condition: our processes must be performed with the safeguard of strict and certified safety systems. Safety for our people, implementing methods designed as per the most stringent standards, and safety for our environment, guaranteed by the compliance with severe rules intended to minimize any potential environmental impact and optimize our interaction with communities.


Our directors are professionals with a long history in inelectra, and their experiences have become a reference in perseverance, discipline and integrity.

Board of directors

Jorge Rojas

Chairman of the Board

Ezequiel Puterman

Board Member, CEO

Stelvio Di Cecco

Board Member

César Millán

Board Member

Antonio J. Vincentelli

Board Member

Ricardo Halfen

Board Member

Ignacio Pulido

Board Member

Executive committee

Ezequiel Puterman

Board Member, CEO

María Gabriella Castagnetti

Projects Vice President

María Laura Caldera

Vice President of Engineering

Irene Aguilar

Vice President of Human Resources

Gabriel Hernández

Vice President of Business Development

Deisy Briceño

Vice President of  Finance

Mariela Brandt

Proposals Director

María Magdalena Morillo

Procurement Director

Cristian López

Business Development Director- Mexico

Euripides Romero

General Manager – México

Contact us

In Venezuela

Avenida Circunvalación del Sol,
Edificio Inelectra, Santa Paula,
Caracas 1061-A, Venezuela.
Apartado Postal 65641.

In México

BritCham Business México
Andrés Bello 10, P-10.
Colonia Polanco Chapultepec.
CDMX 11560. México.
Teléfono: + 52 55 5211 6233     
+ 52 55 5286 3892