Work Positively

For inelectra the priority is achieving the targets of zero accidents, zero occupational illnesses and zero environmental impact set in its Health, Safety and Environment Policy.

Respect for the principles of this policy characterizes the way the company carries out its activities and projects.

The Work PositivelyTM program symbolizes this work culture, which is part of the company’s corporate identity. The program began in 2003 as an internal safety campaign in the Hamaca Crude Upgrader project executed between 2001 and 2005 in the Jose Cryogenic Complex by Alvica Group (Fluor Consortium and inelectra).

The goal has been to motivate workers to develop a commitment to safe and positive actions and work practices, favoring their fellow workers, their families and the project in general.

Work PositivelyTM is behavior based on five practices:

1.      Concentrate on what you do

2.      Use resources correctly

3.      Take precautions when handling equipment

4.      Observe signs and instructions

5.      Work in team

Safety is everybody’s commitment.