inelectra was created in 1968 with a clear vision of expansion and leadership in engineering and construction, which has guided the company to occupy a leading position in this area. From a small company offering professional services for electromechanical projects, inelectra became a corporation capable of assuming full responsibility in all stages of implementing a major project, including design, construction, startup and operation.

The story begins when Moisés Nirenberg and Rubén Halfen founded in Caracas, Venezuela, an engineering company under the form of Limited Liability Company (SRL). In 1969, Luis Bertrand Soux joined the professional society that drove its evolution into a leading corporation in the development of high-value integrated technical solutions for the energy sector.

The name is derived from Ingenieros Eléctricos Asociados because at the beginning it was thought only to serve this sector. However, the scene was changing, and quickly became a multidisciplinary engineering company that subsequently incorporated construction.

There are two milestones in the early history of inelectra. The first was the hiring in 1970, -barely two years after its creation and with a payroll of less than 15 employees-, of the design of the Steam and Power Generation plant and the electricity networks of Pequiven Petrochemical Complex in El Tablazo, Zulia state, where the transnational M. W. Kellogg was the general contractor. The second was the construction between 1978 and 1980 of the current headquarters building in Santa Paula, Caracas, the first of a Venezuelan consulting firm.

inelectra achievements have resulted from the ability to identify market opportunities and develop successful strategic plans, always within the framework of a performance inspired by values ​​and principles that have differentiated the company from the first day, such as professionalism, transparency, honesty, quality, safety, active awareness of respect for the environment and social responsibility to the communities it serves.

The continuing strategic vision has determined inelectra to take risks with great responsibility, making pioneer contributions to the history of engineering and industrial construction in the country.

These has been possible with the support of an efficient and productive organization, composed of individuals involved in meeting the goals and the ongoing challenge of multiplying the competitive advantages and strengthen the leadership.


Given the significant structural changes that inelectra had to face as part of the growth dynamics, principles and values ​​have remained intact, becoming the main factor in gaining the trust and support of employees, customers, shareholders and associates.

inelectra is a corporation with image and reputation of excellence, quality, capacity and compliance, with a vision of long-term commitment.