About Us

inelectra is a global services firm with a recognized reputation for implementing major projects in the energy sector, based on strong human, technical and financial resources.

Backed by its financial flexibility, the company can accept commitments under a variety of contractual schemes ranging from lump sum turnkey to reimbursable man-hours, including master- or framework-type agreements for provision of ongoing technical assistance.

It has the execution capability needed to take on complex projects in changing scenarios, establishing the resource and staff configurations best suited to each customer.

The corporate infrastructure comprises the headquarters in Santa Paula, Caracas; the Caracas Execution Center in La Urbina; the Western Region Execution Center in Maracaibo, Zulia state; and the Eastern Region Execution Center in Puerto La Cruz, Anzoátegui state.

The talent of our human capital, availability of front-line execution tools, a world-class safety record, the financial strength to take on lump-sum contracts and a deep sense of social responsibility make working with inelectra a highly productive experience.

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